Professional Facilitator Training London 2017

Be an Agent of Change in the World

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Imago professional facilitator training

From May to November 2017

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About the Training

Be an Agent of Change in our World!

In almost every sphere of our lives we have to deal with relationships - at home, at work, at play. Good relationships are major contributing factors in our happiness and well-being. Bad relationships are associated with ill-health and general life dissatisfaction. Creating good relationships with others can be extremely challenging and at times distressing when we or they get triggered into reactivity.

Imago Relationship Theory knows about relationships and how to improve them. It knows about effective communication and how to work through conflicts. Imago emerged from the intimate and extensive study of couples and has expanded way beyond into many other domains where good relationships are important for good functioning, whether one on one, in groups or in organizations.

The Imago Professional Facilitator Training provides you with the theory, the tools and the skills to have better relationships yourself and to impact people in your environment in a positive way. It trains you to take Imago theory and practice into your areas of expertise so that you can make a difference and become an agent of change in the world.

The 2017 training in London will be a very special and possibly unique event.  Four highly experienced and creative Imago Faculty members from around the world, with many years of expertise in the particular module they will be teaching, are joining together to present the training. Register now at Imago International website to ensure you place.


Here is the full list of the trainers

We, as representatives of the Imago Relationships Faculty, are bringing together four voices from around the world to offer the cutting edge technology that we are developing to make the world a safer place. We are proud to bring a dynamic team including experts from the UK and Canada, South Africa, Denmark and the U.S. to share the teaching of our Imago Facilitation to a wide ranging audience. We are an international group seeking an international audience. We work hard to find the language and places of differences that can create a bigger and more synergistic experience.
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Sophie Slade
Senior Faculty, UK
Sophie Slade is a clinical psychologist and has worked with individual clients as well as couples since 1985. Within Imago she has been very active over a period of 20 years in expanding the work beyond the sphere of couples therapy to reach individuals wanting to improve their relationships.
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Kobus van der Merwe
Faculty, South Africa
Kobus works 20 years only with couples and relationships. As pastoral councelor he is deeply skilled in the Imago principles of facilitating growth and repair with the magic of connection of one human being in connection with another human being.
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Wendy Patterson
Senior Faculty, USA
Wendy is a Clinical Social Worker and a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia. She facilitated her first family in 1969 thus bringing 47 years of experience to the focus on how Imago can apply its important works to our Families and Groups
John Hjarsø Mortensen
John Hjarsø Mortensen
Faculty, Denmark
John is a Clinical and organisational Psychologist practicing in Copenhagen. He has many years of experiance with couples, families, organisations and Leadership Education and coaching. He trains Psychotherapists and he lectures at University of Copenhagen in The Psychology of Couplehood.

Training Program

It's a 16-day event that runs over four modules of four days each.

We recommend, where possible, attending a "Getting the love You want" couples workshop or a "Keeping the love you find" workshop, before attending this training. See for more info on workshops or contact one of the trainers for a workshop in your area.
Day 1-4: 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

Module 1:Working with Individuals

Working with Individuals, with Sophie Slade, Ph.D., will give you the overview of the theoretical model from which we will work throughout the training, as well as skills and tools to interact one-on-one with people to create an environment of safety and connection within which people can risk opening up.

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Trainer: Sophie Slade, UK & Canada

Day 5-8: 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

Module 2: Working with Dyads

Working with Dyads, with Kobus van der Merwe. Facilitating connection and understanding between people who are in conflict is a skill of which Kobus is a master. Grounded in the relational paradigm, Kobus will help you learn and practice these skills and apply the Imago Dialogue and variations to support change to the areas that are relevant to you.

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Trainer: Kobus van der Merwe, South Africa


Day 9-12: 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

Module 3: Working with Families & Groups

Working with Families & Groups, with Wendy Patterson. Wendy and her husband Bob have been working with families and leading groups since the early 1970s. Wendy is a wise and knowledgeable woman who will challenge you to push your own edges and grow into being more than you thought possible.

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Trainer: Wendy Patterson, USA

Day 13-16: 09:00 am - 18:00 pm

Module 4: Working with Organisations

Working with Organisations, with John Mortensen. John has been consulting in organizations and teaching organizational psychology in universities for many years. He will be able to help you discover how you can bring Imago processes and thinking into all levels of the organizations you are involved in, from international corporations to scout groups.

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Trainer: John Hjarsø Mortensen, Denmark

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The program is designed for the application of Imago Relationship tools for professionals, educators, community leaders, and those ready for the next level of personal growth

  • Build facilitation skills to help individuals, dyads and groups work more effectively
  • Learn a proven model of communication that builds trust, teamwork, and problem solving
  • Assess your strengths and vulnerabilities, what you do too much and not enough
  • Manage conflict situations and apply the appropriate behaviors to build trust, and promote teamwork
  • Begin a self-development plan you can implement after the program


Change relationships, change society

Do you find yourself walking away from conversations and meetings frustrated when others don’t seem to listen or respond to your ideas? At times, do others argue with you or get offended or hurt by something you say? Most of us have experienced this with business associates, family members, or even friends.

The Imago Professional Facilitator Program offers a new way to communicate and influence others to reach your objectives and improve relationships. The Imago Professional Facilitator Program is the result of the millions of people touched by the foundational work of Drs Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, coauthors of The New York Times Best Seller “Getting the Love You Want.” These vital skills for building stronger relationships are now redesigned for those who want to add facilitation, team building, and conflict management to their professional expertise.

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1. Payment plans available

Full Tuition $ 4500.00

$400 to be paid at the time of registration.

Only Module 1 $ 1200.00

For trainees that wants to attend only model 1 (the first four days)

Payment plans $ 4500.00

Contact us for payment plans. Payment can be done in five payments: Deposit, one payment per module.