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24-26 March 2018 Sydney, Australia

8-10 October 2018, Pretoria, South Africa

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24-26 March 2018 (Sydney, Australia) $600

8-10 Oktober 2018 (Pretoria) R4200


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Apply your knowledge of the relational paradigm practically in your everyday work with couples.

This course will help you to integrate the four meta theories, the four deepening interventions and the three main dialogues into a skillful art. Doing the basics right will make you a brilliant Imago Therapist.

This course is designed to review, deepen and expand the theory and clinical skills taught in the Basic Clinical Training. You will learn to move beyond the mechanics of facilitation, and learn the artful and creative use of sentence stems, doubling, and focusing. You will also learn to integrate the four "meta theories" of Imago with these deepening tools, making the theory practical in everyday use with couples. This also gives the therapist a lens to make interventions based on the couples' level of differentiation, safety, and developmental stage.

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