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3-5 April 2017

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About the Training

About the Training

Apply your knowledge of the relational paradigm practically in your everyday work with couples.

This course will help you to integrate the four meta theories, the four deepening interventions and the three main dialogues into a skillful art. Doing the basics right will make you a brilliant Imago Therapist.


Kobus vd Merwe
Kobus van der Merwe
Clinical Instructor South Africa
Kobus is an experienced Imago Therapist doing Imago Therapy from 1995. He is part of the faculty of Imago International.

Training Program

It's a three day program with theory, demos and hands on practicing


Welcoming and Connection


What do you believe about your clients?

Video: Celebrate what is right with the world.Discussion and Practicing: Instead of looking at difficult couples with problems, to look for co-creation, meaning, the push towards wholeness, need for safety and need for connection.


Building your skills

Theory: How to expand your skills after the basic clinical training. To learn to trust the process. Demo and Practicing: Deepening techniques of the Imago Dialogue. This enables the therapist to skilfully help the couples to move from blame into differentiation and self reflection.


Deepening skills

Theory: Basic assumptions about deepening work with couples. The use of sentence stems

Discussion and Practicing: Sentence Stems

More on Deepening skills: Doubling

Theory: How to use doublings skillfully to put language to the shadow. Practicing: Doubling


Video on sentence stems and doubling

Video: Video material to show how to move couples from blame into self reflection, vulnerability and connection.


Closing Day 1


Art of Appreciation

Theory: Appreciations are not just appetizers, it is the launching pad for couple work.Demo and Practicing: Video and practicing


Integration of Meta-Theories and Deepening Tools

Theory: A powerpoint on how to integrate the four meta-theories with each other and to use the deepening tools to apply that in your work with the couple.Demo and Practicing: Video on what is happening inside the therapists head about the Imago theory and how that translates practically in the work with the couple.


The parent child dialigue (PCD) as healing in relationship

Theory: How to use the PCD as a healing process, not just of an individual in the presence of the partner, but in relationship with the partner. Demo and Practicing: Rather than intra-psychic work in the presence of the partner, to focus on the connection between the partners as a reparative experience.


Psychological Meta-Theory

Theory: How to use the Psychological Journey as a resource to develop deepening interventionsDemo and Practicing: How to use sentence stems, doublings and focusing based on the psychological journey




Behaviour Change Request Dialogue

Theory: The couple as a transformational unit: the dance between healing and growth.Demo and Practicing: A demonstration of how to deepen the sender in such a way that it heightened the empathy of the receiver. And then to utilize that empathy as a basis for transformation.



Theory: How to use focusing as a deepening tool. Getting a better understanding of when and how to use focusing.Demo and Practicing: Focusing.


A First Session

Demo: An example of a first session



Theory: An overview of all dialogues and processes available in Imago and when to use them. How to use levels of safety, empathy and differentiation to make decisions about when and where to use which process.

Developers of this Course

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Be Brilliant!

The art of the Basics

Grow into your brilliance as an Imago therapist through this amazing interactive hand-on learning experience!

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What others say

This course will help you to

"Use this work to see what is magnificent about our clients and to see where is the potential for growth. I am doing this work for more than 27 years and I learned so much taking this course" Sophie Slade, Senior Faculty, Canada

"This course will show those of you that have done this work for a long time why you are doing what you are doing so intuitively" Carol Kramer, Imago Faculty, New York

"We are talking about the artistry of using the basic skills embedded in our complex theory" Benn Cohen, Dean and Co-creator of this course

"This course shares the flexibility and the depth of the theory (delete and) to look at it with new eyes. You will get a lot out of it, If you are a new or experienced therapist" Rebecca Sears, Imago Faculty Washington and Co-creator of this course.

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Gauteng, South Africa 3-5 April

Trainer: Kobus van der Merwe, ZAR 3 600

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